Vote (or Volunteer!) on Tuesday, ​November 5, 2019


This year we vote for:

Municipal offices in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Mebane and the Chapel Hill – Carrboro City School Board. Our votes matter - local officials make decisions that directly affect our daily lives.


Election Day is Tuesday, November 5 from 6:30 am-7:30 pm:

- Find your election day precinct polling location (and sample ballot) - here

- Photo identification is NOT required to vote in any 2019 election; more info – here.


Is your voter registration up to date?

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If you've already voted:

- Volunteer as a Poll Greeter on Election Day (it's lots of fun!) here.


Democratic candidates for the November 2019 general election (note - incumbents indicated with an “I”):


Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education:

Rani Dasi (I)

Jillian La Serna

Deon Temne


Town of Carrboro Mayor:

Lydia E. Lavelle (I)



Town of Carrboro Board of Aldermen:

Steve Friedman

Susan S. Romaine

Damon Seils (I)

Sammy Slade (I)


Town of Chapel Hill Mayor:

Pam Hemminger (I)

Joshua James Levenson



Town of Chapel Hill Town Council:

Jessica (Jess) Anderson (I)

Sue Hunter

Tai Huynh

Nancy Oates (I)

Michael Parker (I)

Amy Ryan

Renuka Soll


Town of Hillsborough Mayor:

Jennifer (Jenn) Weaver



Town of Hillsborough Board of Commissioners:

Mark Bell (I)

Matt Hughes (I)

Evelyn P. Lloyd (I)



City of Mebane City Council:

Shelby Dent

Sean C. Ewing