We have only two more days until the election, then we can resume to our regular lives.  I want to celebrate Tuesday night with major victories—how about you?
This election has been one of the most volatile in history, but it’s almost over.  
During the course of the election, we have witnessed the volatility of Donald Trump.  He created a fake university, refused to pay his vendors, filed numerous bankruptcies, sues anyone who criticizes him, talks in a derogatory, sexist, racist manner.  Our country does not need Trump as our president.
Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be president than the past several presidents combined.  
I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about electing our first woman president on Tuesday.
Please join me in reminding at least 25 people to vote on Tuesday.
P.S., Join us at our Orange County Victory Party on Election Night. We will be gathering at R&R Grill (137 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill) beginning at 7:30pm when polls close. RSVP here: