Special Statement


The Orange County Democratic Party strongly condemns language, behavior and policy that seeks to sow division and animus based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, place of birth or immigration status.


This week, we have again suffered hateful, un-American language from our own president. Such language is abhorrent and racist.

Those who justify or defend it deserve to be confronted with the reality that it is patently unacceptable. Americans will also remember political leaders who remain silent in the face of such offense when it comes time to vote.


Finally - such moments are a time to examine our own implicit biases. Here in North Carolina and Orange County, we can work together to act locally - and fight for a more equitable community.

With your help and support, we endeavor to build an OCDP that is up to the challenges of doing that work.


Marilyn Carter, Chair

Orange County Democratic Party