Rep. Graig Meyer Announced Nine Great Candidates to Help Flip the NCGA

Rep. Graig Meyer Announced Nine Great Candidates to Help Flip the NCGA (3:30 video)

He said they were:

-6 women
-3 people of color
"All deeply love their community and are ready to serve their neighbors."


Here's the Raleigh News & Observer story.

The candidates announced Dec. 11 are:

  • HD 2 – Darryl Moss, Creedmoor mayor with more than three decades experience serving his community.
  • HD 15 – Dan Whitten, an addiction prevention advocate who’s earned a Congressional commendation from Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.
  • HD 26 – Linda Bennett, rural small business owner who wants to bring her “can-do attitude” to Raleigh.
  • HD 37 – Sydney Batch, child welfare advocate running on the “common values that bind us,” like leaving North Carolina a better place for the next generation.
  • HD 62 – Martha Shafer, a health care executive and community leader running to be a part of the “new wave of smart, caring leaders.”
  • HD 68 – Dr. Rick Foulke, veteran, army physician, and oncologist running because too often his patients had to choose between paying their chemotherapy bill or their electricity bill.
  • HD 75 – Terri LeGrand, former social worker now working in higher education who has seen firsthand how Republican priorities have left working families behind.
  • HD 82 – Aimy Steele, a higher education administrator who’s fighting for policies that give them a chance to succeed, not wasting time on partisan games.
  • HD 83 – Gail Young, who’s running because she’s compelled to advocate for everyday citizens whose voices have been ignored.

In addition, those who were already runniing were:  John Johnson (HD 16), Marcia Morgan (HD 19), Ashton Clemmons (HD 57), Matt Calabria and Jen Ferrell (HD 36), Terence Everitt and Adam Wright (HD 35), Aaron Cave (HD 73), Jerry Langley and Bryson Jones (HD 79), Ray Russell (HD 93), Sam Edney (HD 113), Rhonda Schandevel (HD 118), and Joe Sam Queen (HD 119).