OCDP Needs You!

We're looking for dedicated, hard-working, flexible people who are willing to step up and take a leadership role. We'll provide training and documentation for all county party positions, but the only way our county party works is if people stand up and volunteer. Consider running for a county party office!

On March 30th, we'll elect county party officers to the following positions at our county convention, as laid out in the NC Democratic Party's Plan of Organization:

Chair: The county party’s leader, who is responsible for setting out a vision for the county party and making it happen.

1st Vice Chair: The Chair’s right-hand person, also responsible for precinct organization.

2nd Vice Chair: Responsible for training and education.

3rd Vice Chair: The communications director for the county party.

Secretary: The county party’s record-keeper and administrator.

Treasurer: Responsible for keeping us on a secure financial footing and filing financial reports with the state Board of Elections.

We will also elect members to represent Orange County to the NCDP's 500-person governing body.

Nomination Form: https://goo.gl/forms/U9ar7d6Eo1QOxc7e2