Just Days Away

“Registered Democrats are 3.4 percent behind their same-day totals from 2012, while registered Republicans are ahead of their same-day totals at 6.2 percent and registered unaffiliated voters continue to move ahead of their same-day totals, at 37.7 percent. Democrats have been slowly chipping away at their deficit, while unaffiliated voters and Republicans continue to grow their expansion.”
This is from an analysis of early voting by Old North State Politics Blog.

In just days, polls will have closed, and we will learn the results of this year’s election. We cannot allow our sweat, tears and hard work be in vain.  We Democrats must turn out so we can win!

The good news: we have through Saturday to vote early and all day on Tuesday, November 8th.  The bad news: we need to increase our turn out by at least 8%.
Right now, we need you to call 25 of your friends and remind them to vote.  We need you to post on social media reminders to vote.  Through election day, we need you to get 25 more people to the polls.  
In Orange County, we increased the turnout in 2014 for Kay Hagan—we can do it again in 2016 for Hillary, Deborah, Roy, and Josh Stein.  They are counting on us.
Onto victory!