Get Inspired, Have Fun and Commit to Action: Saturday February 15




Join Orange County Democrats as we organize for 2020! 

Join our Southern Orange* or Northern Orange** All-Precinct Meeting!

Please see details and pre-register at

On Saturday, February 15, we'll take inspiration from special guests, prepare for neighborhood action to turn NC blue, and get our delegates onto the road to the National Convention in Milwaukee!


Quick Qs & As:

*Which precincts participate in the Southern Orange Meeting?

Precincts located in NC House District 56/NC Senate District 23: Carrboro, Cedar Falls, Coker Hills, Colonial Heights, Damascus, Dogwood Acres, East Franklin, Eastside, Estes Hills, Glenwood, Hogan Farms, Kings Mill, Lions Club, North Carrboro, Northside, OWASA, Ridgefield, Rogers Eubanks (new!), Town Hall, UNC (new!), Weaver Dairy and Westwood. Note that Weaver Dairy Satellite will meet at Carol Woods in the Building 1 Classroom at 10am; contact Lewise Busch at for more information.

**Which precincts participate in the Northern Orange Meeting?

Precincts located in NC House District 50/NC Senate District 23: Caldwell, Cameron Park, Carr, Cedar Grove, Cheeks, Coles Store, Efland, Eno, Grady Brown, Hillsborough East (new!), Hillsborough, Orange Grove, Patterson, St. John's, St. Mary's, Tolars, West Hillsborough and White Cross.

I'm not sure about my voting precinct - I heard there's been some changes. How can I check?

On January 1, 2020, the Orange County Board of Elections made a number of precinct adjustments. You can check for your precinct name and polling place here: