Democratic Elected Officials

The Orange County Democratic Party is proud of our Democratic elected officials. To find out more about our Democrats or the agencies they lead, click their respective hyperlinks.

For more information about ALL elected officials go to the Orange County Board of Elections website.

Federal Government

Representative David Price
U.S. House
2162 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC 20515
​Phone: 202-225-1784

North Carolina Council of State

Governor Roy Cooper Attorney General Josh Stein
State Auditor Beth Wood Secretary of State Elaine Marshall

North Carolina General Assembly

State Senator Valerie Foushee
District 23
State Representative Verla Insko
District 56
State Representative Graig Meyer
District 50

Orange County Board of Commissioners

Chair Penny Rich
District 1
Vice-Chair Renee Price
District 2
Sally Greene
Commissioner Mark Marcoplos
Commissioner Jamezetta Bedford
District 1
Commissioner Earl McKee
District 2
Commissioner Mark Dorosin
District 1

Orange County Commissioners Website

Orange County County Officials

District Attorney Jim Woodall Sheriff Charles Blackwood
Register of Deeds Mark Chilton Clerk of Court Mark Kleinschmidt


Mayor Lydia Lavelle Alderman  Sammy Slade Alderman Jackie Gist
Alderman Randee Haven-O'Donnell Alderman Damon Seils Alderman Bethany Chaney
Alderman Barbara Foushee    

Carrboro Board of Aldermen Website

Chapel Hill

Mayor Pam Hemminger Mayor Pro-Tem Jessica Anderson Councilor Donna Bell
Councilor Nancy Oates Councilor Michael Parker Councilor Allen Buansi

Councilor Hongbin Gu

Councilor Rachel Schaevitz

Councilor Karen Stegman

Chapel Hill Town Council Website


Mayor Tom Stevens Mayor Pro-Tempore Jenn Weaver Commissioner Evelyn Lloyd
Commissioner Kathleen Ferguson Commissioner Mark Bell

Commissioner Matt Hughes

Hillsborough Town Board Website

Chapel Hill/Carrboro Board of Education

Rani Dasi Joal Broun
James Barrett Pat Heinrich
Amy Fowler Mary Ann Wolff

Chapel Hill/Carrboro Board of Education Website

Orange County Board of Education

Brenda Stephens, Chair Sarah Smylie, Vice Chair Will Atherton
Stephen Halkiotis

Hillary MacKenzie

Tony McKnight

Orange County Schools Board of Education Website

Orange County Judges – Prosectorial District 15B

Superior Court

District Court

  • Chief District Court Judge Joe Buckner
  • District Court Judge Jay Bryan
  • District Court Judge Beverly Scarlett
  • District Court Judge Samantha Cabe
  • District Court Judge Sherri Murrell

District Court Judges Website

Soil & Water Conservation Supervisors

  • Chris Hogan
  • Heather Main
  • Roger Tate

Soil and Water Conservation Supervisors Website