Voter Registration FAQs

Answers To Frequently Asked Voter Registration Questions


  1.    Does a person need photo ID to vote or to register?

No ID is required to register or to vote in 2018.A Constitutional Amendment to require photo IDs beginning in 2020 is on the Nov. 2018 ballot.


  1.    Can a person register without providing a NC license number (preferred) or last 4 digits

      of their Social Security number?

      Yes, but the voter will need to provide an ID (not necessarily a photo ID) showing name and current address

      i.e., utility bill, pay stub, bank statement, when first going to vote.


  1.    What if someone doesn’t know if they are registered?

Voters can check current status online by going to If unsure, they can also fill out

another Application.


  1.    How can someone know if their voter registration Application was approved?

If verification is not received from the Board of Elections 3 weeks after registering, they can check their status online ( or call 866-522-4723.


  1.    Can voter take the registration Application home to complete later?

      Yes, but encourage people to fill out Application before leaving; better chance of being submitted. Write address of their county Board of Elections on the Application.  


  1.    What if a voter doesn’t select political party or writes in one not recognized in NC?

      Will be registered as “‘Unaffiliated;” can vote in Primary Election of any of NC’s 5 recognized parties, which now include the Green Party and the Constitution Party.


  1.    Can you register someone from another NC county?

      Yes, as long as they live in North Carolina. Take completed Applications to your county Board of Elections; will be forwarded to correct county BOE.


  1.    Can someone register and vote if they miss the 25-day registration deadline?

      Yes, at an Early Voting site; will need to provide an ID (not necessarily a photo ID) showing current name and address, i.e., NC Driver’s License, utility bill, bank statement. This Fall, the final day for voter registration is October 12. Early voting starts October 17.


9.   Can a convicted felon vote in North Carolina?

      Yes, if they have completed their sentence including probation or parole. No special document needed to restore their voting rights. By signing the Application, they are attesting that all information on the form is true. Ask every voter to read the bottom of the form before they sign to make sure they meet the eligibility requirements.


When Registering A Voter, Remember To:

1.  Ask: “Are you registered to vote at your current address?” or “Have you moved since you last voted?”

2.  Remain non-partisan.

3.  Offer to help fill out Application form, but voter must sign it.

4.  Ask voter to fill in more than 8 required items in red; more complete the better.

5.  Encourage voter to include phone number so BOE can follow up if information is missing.

6.  Review Application before voter leaves. Legible? Complete?

7.  Provide follow up card to confirm Application was processed by BOE.

8.  Have voter read (or offer to read for them) statements at bottom of Application before signing!


Questions? Contact Orange County Board of Elections at 919-245-2350 or or Janet Zelman at, 919-280-6781.